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MARTIN MARGIELA - IN HIS OWN WORDS amongst the new "Hand-Picked by Hari Nef" curated series on MUBI

MUBI just started a new curated series of hand-picked films by actress Hari Nef, which includes our documentary MARTIN MARGIELA - IN HIS OWN WORDS. The "Barbie" and "And Just Like That" actress reflects on her choices:

“I was thinking about what resonates with me in film, and it starts with ideas of spectacle, performance, and queerness,” (...) "I love films about performers, and the confrontation that happens between a person, a camera or a stage of some kind. I like to think about what a person has been through, but also consider the historical moment they’re in and how this affects them.”

Nef's full selection, is available for streaming on MUBI US

Please find the full article on the IndieWire website


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