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Lars Eidinger - To Be or Not To Be (Trailer)
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Lars Eidinger as Richard III

photo: © Arno Declair


Lars Eidinger is an extraordinary actor in every respect. On stage, he convinces with his physical presence, his varied acting and his emotionality. This gives his characters depth and credibility and ensures sold-out theaters around the world.

Director Reiner Holzemer gives an exciting insight into Eidinger's world of theatre and filmmaking.

Documentary (2022)

Script, director, DoP: Reiner Holzemer

A RH Film production, in co-production with BR/ARTE

supported by FFF Bayern, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, DFFF and the cultural funding of Land Salzburg

Theatrical release Germany: 23rd March 2023

Theatrical release Austria: 24th March 2023

German distributor:

Austrian distributor: www.

Swiss distributor:


Jan 30, 2023

Stranger Than Fiction

Oct 22, 2022

Vienna International Film Festival

Oct 4, 2022

Filmfest Hamburg

"He might be the greatest Shakespearean actor you've never heard of."
The New York Times

ttt (ARD)

March 12, 2023

Documentary portrait of a stage animal

He always gives his all: Lars Eidinger, an exceptional actor and a ramp show. Documentary filmmaker Reiner Holzemer accompanied him for nine months with his camera. The result is an impressively close portrait: "Lars Eidinger - To Be or Not To Be.

Yorcker Magazine

February 22, 2023

Lars Eidinger - To Be or Not To Be

Documentary filmmaker Reiner Holzemer attempts to approach the polarizing actor in a remarkably sensitive, clear-sighted portrait.

The New Yorker

November 1, 2022

A "Hamlet" that isn't a bummer

In a full-tilt production at BAM, Lars Eidinger gives the sad prince a punk, chaotic edge and turns familiar tragedy into Dionysian revel.

The New York Times

October 19, 2022

Method Acting? Lars Eidinger Just Wants to ‘Become Myself’

He might be the greatest Shakespearean actor you’ve never heard of. At last, New Yorkers will get to see his no-holds-barred portrayal of Hamlet in Thomas Ostermeier’s production at BAM.