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Viennale '22: Austrian premiere of LARS EIDINGER - TO BE OR NOT TO BE

LARS EIDINGER - TO BE OR NOT TO BE will be shown twice in the program of the Viennale '22.

At the first screening on Saturday, 22.10.2022, 20:30h at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus the protagonist Lars Eidinger will be guest. On the following Saturday, 29.10.2022, 21:00h at Metro, Historischer Saal director Reiner Holzemer will be present. [Due to scheduling conflicts, the team unfortunately had to split up]. Both screenings will be in German with English subtitles.

Click here for the film website and ticket order:

These days, Lars Eidinger is one of the most prolific and celebrated actors in Germany, on stage as well as in cinema and television. He is also a DJ, a hipster and a sometime controversial public figure (who deleted his Instagram account only a little while ago). Reiner Holzemer received unique access to the star for his portrait of Eidinger. He shot a lot in Salzburg during rehearsals for Jedermann, a famous morality play, where the leading character eventually faces death, played by Edith Clever, who is from a wholly different generation. The Schaubühne Berlin, where Eidinger plays seminal Shakespeare roles, is another crucial site. His work in front of the camera (from Maren Ade’s ALLE ANDEREN to Olivier Assayas’ recent IRMA VEP for HBO) is slightly less prominent in this well-balanced account of a man who developed an unhealthy urge as a child to always win in every situation. Theater has obviously helped Eidinger to channel his demons. To Holzemer he presents himself as a reflecting subject: “I don’t want to be above anything.” (Bert Rebhandl)

We would like to thank the Viennale team for the invitation as well as our Austrian distribution partner Filmladen.


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