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Start of filming: LARS EIDINGER – TO BE OR NOT TO BE in Salzburg

We start the filming of our new documentary LARS EIDINGER – TO BE OR NOT TO BE in Salzburg. Here is the official press statement:

Berlin / Salzburg, July,9 2021 – The shooting of LARS EIDINGER – TO BE OR NOT TO BE, a documentary about the exceptional actor Lars Eidinger, has started in Salzburg.

The director is the internationally renowned documentary filmmaker Reiner Holzemer (including DRIES, ANTON CORBIJN - MOST WANTED), whose latest film MARTIN MARGIELA - MYTHOS OF MODE was voted the best fashion documentary of the decade by The Hollywood Reporter.

Reiner Holzemer and Lars Eidinger. Photo: © Marieluisa Lenglachner

At 45 years old, Lars Eidinger is one of the most extraordinary actors in Germany. He can be seen in a wide variety of roles in both film and theatre.

In LARS EIDINGER – TO BE OR NOT TO BE, Holzemer shows for the very first time Eidinger's intensive work method in developing a new role and thus gives an exciting insight into the world of theater and filmmaking.

With his love of improvisation, Lars Eidinger reinvents theater every evening, he makes even stage classics look as fresh as if they had just been written. With his intense, physical style of playing, which sometimes leads him to physical and psychological exhaustion, he keeps pulling the audience under his spell.

How does he do that? What is behind this unique art? LARS EIDINGER – TO BE OR NOT TO BE will provide answers to these questions and thus help us understand the acting profession better.

The location and occasion of the shooting are no less extraordinary:

Lars Eidinger will take on the role of 'Everyman' at the Salzburg Festival in 2021. Exclusively and for the first time, you can watch him work for the role of 'Jedermann'. The film team will be there when Eidinger playfully approaches this figure, from the rehearsal to the premiere on Salzburg Cathedral Square. The film also gives a rare look behind the scenes of the famous festival.

The team then accompanied him on a major American film production: Following the Salzburg Festival, Lars Eidinger will be in front of the camera for the first time in an American film alongside world stars.

At the end of this journey from Berlin to Salzburg to Hollywood and back to Berlin, is he, whom Cate Blanchett considers one of the best actors in the world, at the beginning of a new stage in his career?

Reiner Holzemer says: “The film is about more than just a portrait of an extraordinary artist, but also about whether and how we find ourselves in a world that is geared towards external success, about TO BE OR NOT TO BE. "

The film is supported by the FFF Bayern, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Land Salzburg and the DFFF.



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