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"Press Camp" Faber-Castell Castle: Screening of RAY D'ADDARIO

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials, Faber Castell is offering a "Press Camp" tour through the castle, which after the Second World War hosted up to a hundred international reporters who reported from here on the Nuremberg Trials that received worldwide attention. The most famous residents included the Germans living in exile such as Alfred Döblin, Willy Brandt, Erich Kästner and Markus Wolf. John dos Passos and the later US star reporter Walter Cronkite were also guests in Stein, as were some Soviet reporters, e.g. Boris Polewoi or the cartoonist Nikolai Shukow.

Our film RAY D'ADDARIO (Reiner Holzemer in co-authorship with Steffen Radlmeier) will also be shown during the tour. The film shows interviews at the original location with the photographer Ray D‘Addario, the translator Simone Herbulot and the then journalist and later head of the GDR's foreign intelligence service, Markus Wolf.

Please find here the announcement of the "Press Camp" tour on BR24 (in German):

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