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LARS EIDINGER – TO BE OR NOT TO BE has been completed

Berlin, in March 2022 – Cate Blanchett thinks he's a great actor. He is Hamlet, Jedermann, Richard III, the Nazi or the Loving Brother and many more. The actor's AUTISTIC DISCO nights are legendary - he is Hamlet at the DJ desk: Lars Eidinger is one of the most extraordinary actors in Germany.

© Klara Leschanz

The shooting of LARS EIDINGER - TO BE OR NOT TO BE, a documentary about the exceptional actor, came to an end in Berlin. The director is the internationally renowned documentary filmmaker Reiner Holzemer (including DRIES, ANTON CORBIJN – MOST WANTED), whose most recent film MARTIN MARGIELA – MYTHOS DER MODE was voted the best fashion documentary of the decade by The Hollywood Reporter.

FILMWELT Verleihagentur, the German distribution agency will bring the artist portrait to cinemas.

LARS EIDINGER - TO BE OR NOT TO BE is a production of REINER HOLZEMER FILM, co-produced by BR / Arte, funded by FFF Bayern, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the DFFF and the cultural promotion of the state of Salzburg.

Reiner Holzemer, director and producer says about the collaboration: "Lars Eidinger has given me the opportunity over the past eight months to observe him up close and without restrictions at work on and behind the stage and on the film set. I got to know him as a profound artist who explores the possibilities of the art of acting anew every day and has by no means reached his limits.”

Eidinger recently presented the film À PROPOS DE JOAN at the Berlin International Film Festival, in which he co-stars with Isabelle Huppert. "I grew up with this actress," he said. For him, Huppert is “like the epitome of acting”. Lars Eidinger himself was honored with the French award 'Chevalier des arts et lettres' at the Berlinale. Only a few weeks ago he was admitted to the Berlin Academy of Arts.

In LARS EIDINGER - TO BE OR NOT TO BE, Holzemer shows for the first time Eidinger's intensive way of working when developing a new role and thus provides an exciting insight into the world of theater and filmmaking. With his love of improvisation, which Lars Eidinger uses to reinvent theatrical play every evening, he makes even theatrical classics look as fresh as if they had just been written. With his intense, physical style of playing, which sometimes leads him to physical and mental exhaustion, he never ceases to cast a spell over the audience.

The locations and occasions of the shooting were no less extraordinary: be it at the Salzburg Festival in summer 2021, where Lars Eidinger took on the role of 'Jedermann' or in Paris in a one-off solo performance on the occasion of a guest performance: in France he filmed »Richard III. « practically played alone - only his director Thomas Ostermeier was allowed on stage. In the USA he has just finished a project with Noah Baumbach. At the end of this cinematic journey from Berlin via Salzburg, Munich, Hamburg and Paris and back to Berlin, is he perhaps at the beginning of a new stage in his career?



Kantstraße 54

10627 Berlin

T. +49-30-88 71 44 0

Picture: ©Klara Leschanz


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