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German Leather Museum: Screening of MARGIN MARGIELA – IN HIS OWN WORDS

Today, Friday, September 3, 2021, at 7:00 p.m., the German Leather Museum is showing our portrait of the fashion designer Martin Margiela.

The Belgian designer's face is unknown, but his boots, which are inspired by the Japanese Tabi sock shoe, are not. They are among the classics of the fashion world and are internationally known. The shoe was presented in the spring / summer of 1989 with the first collection of the luxury house Maison Martin Margiela and has been available in a variety of ways every season since then. You can find the example shown in the exhibition LEDER.WELT.GESCHICHTE in the museum.

In Japan, the stocking shoe with two chambers in toe sandals made of wood (Geta) or straw (Zōri) is worn with kimonos on formal or traditional occasions. For outdoor use there have been tabis since the beginning of the 20th century that have a rubber sole and can be worn without sandals.

We thank you for the great cooperation and wish you a nice film evening! 🍿 🎞 🎥

PHOTOS: Tabi split-toe boots, Maison Martin Margiela, Paris, 2017 © DLM, C. Perl-Appl

Click here for the announcement on the website of the German Leather Museum:


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