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German cinema year 2023: Numbers are encouraging - documentaries are booming

The FFA (German Film Funding Agency) has published the figures for the 2023 cinema year and they are positive: visitor numbers are gradually rising back towards pre-Corona levels, even if they remain low compared to 10 or 15 years ago.

What is particularly exciting, however, is the sharp increase in documentary film viewers; the number of visitors has more than doubled: 2.7% of cinema tickets were bought for documentaries.

Among the top 100 are

  • Heart of Oak

  • Anselm

  • Lars Eidinger - To Be or Not to Be

  • Bird's Eye Views

  • Heaven Can Wait

  • Goodbye Buenos Aires

  • Anne Sophie Mutter - Vivace

...with a wide range of social issues that mobilize.

Click here for the FFA press release:


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