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Impressions of the sold-out German cinema tour LARS EIDINGER - TO BE OR NOT TO BE

The cinema tour for LARS EIDINGER - TO BE OR NOT TO BE in Frankfurt came to an end on Saturday, April 1st, 2023.

Over 10 days, in 18 cities and 21 sold-out cinemas, Lars Eidinger and Reiner Holzemer took the time to exchange ideas with the cinema audience.

The documentary and its protagonist met with great interest and many questions from the audience, which provided an opportunity for joint reflection on the film's themes and beyond.

We would like to thank our great audience and everyone involved, as well as our committed, open protagonist!

Lars Eidinger - To be or not to be is currently showing in cinemas.

Due to the great interest, the film, which started with 50 copies in week 3, is now showing in 70 venues.


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