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Dries Van Noten says Goodbye to the Runway

This week, fashion designer Dries Van Noten announced his departure from the catwalk, with many regretful, but above all, admiring reactions from the fashion world. The brand will continue, under a design team and a yet-to-be-appointed designer.

With his documentary DRIES (2017), Reiner Holzemer dedicated a portrait to the extraordinary fashion designer, that shows him designing four of his distinctive collections.

The documentary DRIES has been shown on more than shown at numerous film festivals and in more than 64 countries around the world. The Film can be streamed on the following platforms:

Here are some recent press reviews of the movie:

"Fashion documentaries have become commonplace, but the one on the Belgian designer stands out from the crowd." NSS Mag

"The most screen time he’s had was in Reiner Holzemer’s 2017 documentary Dries, which might well be the slow TV of fashion documentaries. Rather than try to paint a portrait of pre-show drama or financial woes, it showcased his quiet life and his beloved home and garden outside Antwerp." ELLE Magazine

"What is a great designer without a documentary of his own? In 2017, the documentary 'Dries' was released. Documentary filmmaker Reiner Holzemer follows the designer for a year, giving insight into Van Noten's life and creative mind and heart." FASHION UNITED

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